It all started with the green tape. My dad is a passionate record collector and very concerned about the quality and lasting of his hi-fi. We kids were not allowed to touch the system at all. So before I had my own tape-player I had to ask my dad every time I wanted to listen to some music. I was especially keen on a tape with a green label. It was Dusty Springfield’s “Windmill Of Our Minds”. It must have been on a sunday morning and my dad still in bed when I asked him: “can you please play me the green tape?” On that particular day my dad allowed me to put in the tape myself, turn on the hi-fi and play my favorite song. This day I will always remember.

In swiss primary school everyone starts playing music with a flute. Like mathematics or history one gets teached how to read notes and play Mozart and Beethoven but no one ever gets to know that music should be some kind of feeling-thing from the heart and the belly. That’s why most swiss people have a flute-trauma and play music like a typewriter.

I was lucky to get keyboard lessons by a very good friend of our family (thanks, Miss Day!) and for three years we played pop songs note for note. Then, during secondary school, I started to dj. But it was later, about 1993, when I got a lot of my musical skills. Some friends and I formed the first funk-bigband around the area. We mixed old jazz and funk with modern hip hop and climaxed playing in front of 600 people. Maybe we were just a good laugh ...

But in the year 1994 I joined a lovely group of freaks who intended to build up a multi-functional event place. They rented an old factory and after only some weeks of rebuilding-works we had a great bar, a bistro with warm food till four in the morning and a concert hall which could take 600 people. I became the house-engineer for six years, mixed hundreds of concerts and was finally hooked.