Audio design* is more than just amplification but also taking the sound as the basic material from where one starts to reshape it and create the new expression – according to the overall concept of the happening.

What does this mean? As an audio designer you are like the band member behind the mixing desk. According to the meaning of the play I extend the possibilities of the actors by using a mixture of different techniques: with analog, digital and acoustical sound-effects, with sampling and the use of pre-produced audio material as well as with multi-source-sound-reinforcement I help to shape and add to the atmosphere wanted. This sometimes means a lot of improvisation on the given theme or even act as an acoustic mirror. I then have to “juggle” with a “library” of sounds. In other occasions one does work with cue’s and I’m responsible for the acoustical coincidences in the play. 

In any case it means a multi-media-play and new experience.


* Please don’t mix audio design with acoustic design which is shaping the sounds of e.g. hoovers.