Heinz de Specht

As a technician on the way until theyr split up 2019


After the overwhelming chart success of "Lieder aus der Vogelperspektive" and "Macht uns fertig!", The Grammys for the hit songs "Därf mer das" and "Twix" as well as the Oscar in the category "Best Live Performance" for the song "Playback" other artists would have leaned back to enjoy fame and fortune. Not so Heinz de Specht: The three magicians continue their untiring tours around the world, inspiring the masses from Arbon to Zuzwil with their musical short-term therapies.

Christian Weiss, Daniel Schaub and Roman Riklin have now achieved the next stroke of genius with the third song program "schön". Once again, catchy earworm ranks with catchy tunes, touching melodies are linked with razor-sharp lyrics to timeless song pearls.