on tour, FOH

The group was formed in October 2010. Only 6 months later, the band had turned their ideas into more than 20 songs. Captured within the album you will find 10 original compositions as well as a cover version of the song “In Bad Dreams” from the band The God Machine. The songs were recorded at the Dala Studios in Winterthur by David Langhard alias Admiral James T, mixed in London by Gareth Jones (Depeche Mode, Interpol, Nick Cave, Can, Mogwai etc.).

The songs depict stories and situations that resonate with each and every one of us. The day you find yourself in a tragic story; a declaration of love that sounds like a goodbye; a feeling that you fight to describe because you can’t recognise it, least of all understand it – we have all been there.

The songs from gather and retell these stories and situations in another way. A way that is bigger, goes deeper, and is more consoling and unsettling than the mental human state in any circumstance.

These stories are delivered to us through multi-layered Indie-Pop, disturbing, melancholic, bitter-sweet.